A network simply put is two or more computers connected together by a cable to share resources and files. Basically there is two type of networks, Peer-to-Peer and Client / Server. Networking is the best way to allow employees and families to be more productive and cost-effective.

Peer to Peer Networking 
This type of networking is designed for small business or homes that only have a few computers between 2-8. This allows the users to share resources like printers, modems, and Internet connections as well as files. This method of networking is widely used in today’s workplace and homes due to the fact it is fast and inexpensive. 


Client / Server Networking 
This type of networking is much more efficient and productive in larger networks between 5-100 computers. This method is a little more expensive but the benefits well outweigh the extra cost. You increase your ability 10 fold by having one computer that acts as a Server typically a Windows Server with server based software installed. Now you have one central point of access for all users on you network with total Security built in to insure that your system is safe. The client computers can consists of any listed in the Peer-to-Peer scenario. Now you can grow from 5 computers to 100 or even add additional servers to increase the network to 500 employees or more!  We also install a large number of networked copy machines and network printers.

Networking Services
Mobile Tech provides full turn-key solutions that are based upon your needs now and well into the future. We design networks of all sizes and types as explained above and every one of our clients no matter the size is treated with the same respect. In these times you have to keep the old fashion way of treating Clients and still remain of the cutting edge of technology. Our staff is the most experienced as we can find and we continue to train them to have the knowledge when you need it.

Most small to mid-sized businesses don’t have the resources to hire a full-time network administrator or someone to keep up with your hardware. Mobile Tech offers full network support to companies, from maintenance, to repairing, upgrading at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time tech or administrator. We offer skilled technicians that are certified in networking operating systems. We can help you connect remote offices together using the Internet and VPN technologies enabling you to share network resources such as accounting applications and databases.

Services Offered 
Network Consultation
Network Planning, Implementation, Cabling, Administration, Maintenance
Microsoft Windows Server Installation, Configuration, Maintenance, Backup Implementation Programs.
Exchange Server Installation and Maintenance
Remote Desktop, Terminal Server, and VPN Installations.
Data Conversion and Analysis
Hardware Configuration and Installation
Help Desk to assist you and your employees

Cabling Services
Through a broad network of onsite cabling services, we’ll work with your staff, your schedule and your budget to ensure the job is completed to your standards and industry standards as well.  Capabilities include:
– Onsite Cabling Services
– Design, Installation, Maintenance, and Support
– Testing and Certification
– Gigabit Cat5e, Cat6 and More!
– Fiber Optic Networking

We would be happy to partner with you to customize your networking needs. If you are interested in further information, please contact us.