MOBILE TECH believes that service and support are critical issues when you are trying to successfully run your organization’s operations. You rely on your equipment to maintain peak operating efficiency. The down time of your network can be very costly to a individual or a department and several organizations may suffer the “trickle down” effect as a result of inoperable equipment. Technician duties range from dedicated PC integrators to full-time, on-site technicians placed at Fortune 500 companies. Support personnel hold degrees in areas such as Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Management of Information Services.

MOBILE TECH fosters a continual process of manufacturer and software training. Many technicians are multi-vendor certified, including certifications such as Novell’s MCNE and CNE, Microsoft MCP, MSCE, Compaq ASE, A+ Certification, Intel and APC Certification, and a host of other manufacturer authorizations. Our large staff of highly trained personnel will ensure that our customers receive the best service available in the industry.