Mobiletech installs and services video surveillance dvr and nvr systems to monitor your home and office. Record when motion is detected or 24-7, view playback or live video on any device or smartphone.

Mobiletech is a leading supplier and installer of advanced video surveillance solutions for IP-video, analog and hybrid dvr and nvr systems. Building on the company’s long history of installation and innovation, Mobiletech is dedicated to providing systems solutions with the highest levels of reliability, performance and cost-efficiency. We are committed to the continued development of innovative systems and products for professional and consumer security applications.

Mobiletech can upgrade your current dvr system, add smartphone access, and add high resolution cameras.

We also install and setup automatic smart tracking ptz cameras.

Smart Tracking is an innovative technology for Smart PTZ cameras, which increases the effectiveness of the video surveillance system, especially in locations where the occasional presence of people or vehicles requires special attention, such as at bank vaults, hotel corridors, park garages, office buildings and schools, etc., after working hours or during night time.

Smart Tracking controls the pan/tilt/zoom actions of the camera to automatically track humans/vehicles in motion and to keep the target in the scene. The tracking action can be triggered manually or automatically by preset rules. Once a rule is triggered, the camera zooms in and tracks the deļ¬ned target automatically. It includes PTZ auto tracking, bullet-PTZ integrated linkage tracking, radar-PTZ linkage tracking and thermal-PTZ linkage tracking.

We know your home, business, and loved ones are important to you, and it is our commitment to provide you with the most advanced security system to help you in protecting your most important assets.