Are you prepared for a hurricane or tropical storm? Computer Hurricane Checklist.

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Don’t wait until the day before a hurricane or tropical storm to backup your files. Backup all your data at least once a week to prevent loss of data. Take the time to copy your documents onto a portable hard drive or memory stick, and then take it home with you or store it in a safe location off site.  You can also use a cloud service like icloud or carbonite. Copying these documents onto a cloud location also ensures these documents are available in the event your machine is unavailable. Take anything important with you when you leave.

If you decide to leave your equipment, turn off all power to all equipment. It is critical to unplug all devices that carry electricity. Turn off battery backup units and disconnect power cords to the wall. Unplug all power cords from the wall to all devices (CPU’s, monitors, printers, etc.). Leave the other end of all of the power cords connected to the PC. Unplug the network cable from the back of the PC, and leave the other end connected to the network jack on the wall. If necessary, move the equipment to a safe location. For example, if the equipment is near a window, it should be moved away from it. If the CPU is on the floor, it should be moved onto a desk or closet shelf or attic.

After the storm, expect power surges, brownouts, and fluctuations for at least several days or longer after power has been restored. All the effort you went through in preparation may be lost if you take a power hit after the storm.

If your property was flooded check your devices and make sure they are not damp with humidity. High humidity can damage your devices. You will need to let them go thru a drying process in low humidity before turning on your devices again. If your in doubt please email or call us immediatly.