Damaged devices after the hurricane and flood

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For those of you that may encounter damaged devices due to Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma, here are some DO’s and DON’Ts for the best chances of data recovery on water damaged devices:
DO leave the device as is. Don’t try and clean off excess dirt or debris that may have occurred in a flood or disaster. Wiping debris from drives and media can cause greater damage to the electronic components of the device.
DO NOT attempt to dry the water damaged drive. While it’s often your first instinct, doing so will decrease chances of recovery.
DO put it in a bag and help it retain moisture from water submersion. An unused sponge will help prevent further damage. As the moisture levels decrease corrosion levels and damages increase. (Think dried salt crust from ocean water)
DON’T power the device on.  If there is water on any of the electrical components or internals of a drive, you can ruin your chances of recovery forever.
DON’T hesitate to find out if we can help. We have the right tools and equipment to safely evaluate the chances of recovery quickly.