Gigabit ethernet beyond 100 meters

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I was recently upgrading the wifi at a rv park resort in Houston where guests were complaining about slow wifi and slow internet service.  The access points were Ubiquiti unifi ac-m-us with external antennas, the signal wasn’t bad but didn’t go far or into some of the closer trailers and rv’s. 

I pair tested the line to make sure it was good, and after adding new correctly terminated crimps the line report shows about 769ft and all pairs test good.

This is a 769ft ethernet run (well beyond 100m) and there were two Tupavco TEX-100 ethernet extenders in this speed test.

So the 70mb test for existing equipment not bad for that long of a cable run, but with 50+ guests they were only getting a few mb each.

I replaced the TEX-100’s with the Enable-IT 860X Pro gigabit extenders.  The speed test from the comm room to the switch in the park now shows 904mb.  Drastic improvement for a quick device replacement on a long 769ft cable run.

I also replaced the Unifi AC-M-US with a Unifi AC-M-PRO-US which immediately more guests connected, and those having issues previously were able to connect and stay online with a good end user experience. 

I also adjusted the unifi settings which I do for most rv parks and campgrounds as follows:
turn off proxy arp
turn off band steering on each ap
turn off band steering in global wifi
multicast enhancement off
multicast and broadcast control off
disable igmp snooping
mdns off
client device isolation on for guest networks
bss transition off
fast roaming off
802.11 dtim period auto
group rekey interval off