PracticeMaster Outlook Integration

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To install the Outlook Plug-in, open PracticeMaster. From the Maintenance menu, point to Integration and select Toolbar Plug-ins. On the Outlook tab, click Install Outlook Plug-in, as shown in the figure on the right. Once the Outlook Plug-in is installed, restart Outlook.

Synchronization is configured primarily in PracticeMaster. Configuration for each user must be done at that user’s workstation because these settings apply to the individual user. Each user is linked to a specific Outlook folder. Individual user settings are stored in the user profile. Microsoft Exchange settings are maintained in System Configuration because they are system-wide. The individual user configuration in Practice Master is accessed via the Maintenance | Integration | Outlook Synchronization menu options. These menu options open the Outlook Synchronization window. This window consists of three tabs: Calendar, Contacts, and Synchronization Options.