Protect Your Network and PCs from the CryptoLocker Malware Virus

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CryptoLocker is a Trojan Horse designed to encrypt local files on a users pc or server and then threaten to delete data after a deadline unless specific demands are met (usually in the form of electronic bitcoin payment). The Ransomware malware first surfaced in September 2013. CryptoLocker is indeed still alive and well, spreading and infecting computers around the world.

I’ve seen many customers, even just recently, where their networks have been attacked and administrators are confounded that the company’s chosen antivirus package isn’t able to block or eliminate the malware. Antivirus is no protection against CryptoLocker, in fact, there’s growing belief that antivirus technology is dated and unable to handle the modern security requirements.

CryptoPrevent is a non-Microsoft solution for Microsoft operating systems developed by FoolishIT, LLC. CryptoPrevent is a single, easily portable executable that can be run on a local PC or server, or deployed using your favorite software distribution method using a plethora of command-line options. CryptoPrevent has grown into a robust solution, providing protection against a wide range of ransomware and other malware.

One of the primary advantages that CryptoPrevent provides is that it continues to support Windows XP. Support from Microsoft for Windows XP ended on April 8, 2014 and there is evidence that hackers will explicitly target the 12 year old operating system once it reaches end of life. So, you can bet CryptoLocker attacks will increase.

CryptoPrevent supports any Windows version (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 – including Windows ‘Home’ editions)

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