Quickbooks missing outlook option in send forms preferences

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I was able to get this customers email with outlook and quickbooks working.

This worked when nothing else worked.

  1. Open Internet Explorer – Click the Gear on the top Right. Under the X.
  2. Click Internet Options.
  3. Click the “Programs Tab”.
  4. Click “Set Programs”
  5. New Window will Pop Up. Click “Set Your Default Programs”
  6. Outlook was already set as default email program. So I scrolled down and clicked “Reset”
  7. Click the + sign under email and changed it to Outlook. Also changed the web browser to Chrome.
  8. Closed out of the 2 new windows and went back to the Internet Explorer’s Internet Options.
  9. Under the program tab click “Manage add-ons”
  10. Click “Accelerators” on the left.
  11. Click “Email with Windows Live”, then click Disable on the bottom.
  12. If you get an error Рcomponent missing:  Goto Programs and Features, turn windows features on or off > Scroll down to Microsoft XPS Document Writer > Enable and reboot.

All the below were tried without success:

  1. Making sure Outlook was set to default.
  2. Repairing Office 2019.
  3. Online Repair of Office 2019.
  4. Reinstalling Office 2019.
  5. Reinstalling a 32 bit version of Office 2019.
  6. Uninstalling Office 2019 and installing Office 2016.
  7. Uninstalling Office 2016 and installing Office 2021.
  8. Repairing Quickbooks.
  9. Reinstalling Quickbooks.
  10. Updating Quickbooks.
  11. Updating the WIN.ini file.
  12. Updating Registry.

I tried everything in the book, and nothing worked. This seemed to do it. Also, my Quickbooks is 32 bit and my Office is 2021 64 bit. I am running QuickBooks Pro 2023 on Windows 10. This was working with my Office 2019 64 bit as well before “Email with Windows Live” screwed it up.