Ubiquiti Flex switch not enough power for G4 Pro Camera

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Recently upgraded unifi controller software and flex switch. The connected g4 pro camera went offline and did not come back. The flex switch led lights flash red and reboots itself continuously. After looking at the configuration in the console I was not able to initially find a way to give the flex switch more power, it should have somewhere around 48 watts, and only shows 8 watts.

1) Settings > System Settings > Toggle new interface off > Deactivate

2) Devices > USW-Flex > In popup switch to Config tab (gear icon) > Under “General” change the power setting to “PoE Injector” > Save

Switching to the old interface, this option was not available to choose a poe injector like others have previously experienced.

So we ssh into the flex switch and run the following commands:

USW-Flex-US.6.3.13# echo “switch.power_source.status=enabled” >> /tmp/system.cfg
USW-Flex-US.6.3.13# echo “switch.power_source.mode=poe-injector” >> /tmp/system.cfg
USW-Flex-US.6.3.13# syswrapper.sh apply-config

After this the unifi flex switch showed 46 watts available, and the camera is working again.