Unifi WiFi 7 is here!

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Unifi has released their U7-Pro access point, and I was happy to be able to get my hands on it.

First, I opened the box and immediately noticed that it uses the same U6-Pro mount, so that makes upgrading easy.

Adopting it into unifi was simple.

After it adopts it immediately updates:

And after that it comes online. I currently have a dmpro and its only gigabit, but the U7-Pro has 2.5GbE capability if your system supports it:

I did notice that the channel width defaults to 160MHz, I changed this one to 320MHz:

I also notice that the U7-Pro is a 2×2 radio and not a 4×4 radio like the previous U6-Pro that was installed.

Overall, it was a super simple easy upgrade. Im looking forward to their Outdoor AP’s that support the new standard, hopefully they will give us an AC-M-Pro-7 with even larger and better antennas.