Zues pop up virus trojan scam

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I have recently been getting alot of calls with customers getting a pop up that explains that they have the Zues trojan virus and wants them to call microsoft.

Fwd: I got some kind of pop up when I was looking at my email. It said I had a Zeus Trojan virus and that I should call Microsoft at 1-877-393-9519 and tell them I got a code B2957E and an error code 0x8007042c. I just removed my flash drives, checked my security (that didn’t mention a virus), and shut down. What do you think?

This is a scam. If you google the phone number you will see that it’s in india.

Depending on the version the webpage, the scam may try to set itself as the homepage, which means that even if the user restarts their PC, they will continue to see this warning message. This can help back up these scammers’ claims that the PC is infected.

Once the scammers get connected they will show the user all the “infections” that are located in the Windows Event Logs. Windows Event logs are extremely useful to diagnose Windows issues. We would commonly use them to look for hard disk issues as any time Windows has an issue writing to a hard disk it will create a warning/error in the event logs.

After the scammers get connected, they will often install other programs that will show more errors messages. This will either be fake antivirus programs or trial versions of well-known programs that will show cookies that they will use as evidence of an infection.

How to protect yourself from these scams:

Microsoft will never call you telling you that your PC is infected.
Never allow strangers to connect to your PC.
Do not give any credit card info to somebody claiming to be from Microsoft.
If in doubt, shut down your PC and call us immediately.